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What Will The Treatment Be Like?

If it is your first time coming for treatment, it is normal to be a little nervous. So the first thing we will do when you arrive, is simply to welcome you, have a friendly chat and help you feel comfortable. 👍

And if you need a little extra time to get relaxed, that’s totally fine.

By the way, if you at any time have any questions, just ask. We are happy to answer any questions you may have before we start the treatment.

We will also explain every step of the treatment so that you know exactly what will happen. That is regardless of whether you are here for Botox, laser, a dermal filler, a lip filler, a cheek filler, a nose filler, or anything else, 

And also:

Even if we spoke about this during your free consultation, we are happy to discuss anything again when you come for the actual treatment.

We will then ask you some standard questions that we ask all clients. We do this to ensure best results of the treatment, and that you are ready.

When you are relaxed and ready, we will get started.

We will place you comfortably in a special chair or on a table (depending on the treatment), and then we will get to work.

If you have come for an injection treatment (Botox or dermal filler), the very first thing we will do is to thoroughly cleanse the areas where we will make the injections.

To reduce any discomfort as much as possible, we will then apply a numbing cream to these same areas. This cream will make you fell little or no pain from the injections.

The numbing cream takes about 15 minutes before it starts working, so we have wait until its active.

By the way, if you have received treatments before and are OK with the discomfort, you can also choose to not get the numbing cream. This is totally up to you. 👍

After about 15 minutes, we will make the injections.

Since this numbing cream takes away most or all the pain, you will probably only feel the pressure of the needles on your skin.

To do the actual injections normally only takes a few minutes.

After we are done making the injections, we will keep you in our clinic for a few minutes to observe and ensure that things went well.

That’s it! 👍

Normally, you should be able to continue with your life right away, and no one will have any idea that you were just with us for a treatment.

After the treatment, there are however a few actions you should keep in mind. You can learn about these here.