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Lip Filler In Bournemouth 

Would you like fuller lips? Do you want lips that are more voluminous?

Or is one part of your lip larger than the opposite? And do you want to make them symmetrical? 

We can accomplish this with a lip filler. 

And you will have it all done in just 30 minutes, and you can continue with your day like you normally would!

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Message us here if you are interested in a lip filler!

Our super friendly and very experienced clinicians in Bournemouth are very happy to assist you. 👍

What Is A Lip Filler?

A lip filler is simply a liquid substance that is injected into your lips in order to make them fuller and more voluminous.

What is this liquid substance made of?

There are many different kinds of materials that are used for lip fillers, but what is normally used today is something called hyaluronic acid.

By the way, your body produces this acid naturally, therefore it is normally very safe and doesn’t cause allergic reactions or similar. More about this in a little.

Although hyaluronic acid is what we normally use, we can also in certain cases use other types of material. This will typically be the case if you want a particular result from the lip filler.

We can use a collagen filler (this is another substance your body produces naturally). However, this is rarely used these days, because hyaluronic acid fillers are simply safer and better.

In very particular cases, we can also use fat as material for your lip filler. However, this is also becoming an increasingly rare treatment, because the hyaluronic acid fillers produce better and more reliable results.

You can also get a permanent implant. If this is of interest, please ask us.

The Reasons For Getting A Lip Filler

There are several reasons our clients in Bournemouth get lip fillers. But in all cases, it will be to increase lip volume one way or another.

Some people have asymmetrical lips. For instance, their upper left lip might be larger than the opposite side. Therefore, one key reason why some people get a lip filler is to even out the two sides and make them symmetrical. 

With age, some people lose some of their lip volume. Therefore, another reason why some people get lip fillers is to restore this lost lip volume.

Also, as we get older our lips often lose some volume, and lines or wrinkles may form on the lips themselves. Or even around the lips. Some of or clients want lip fillers in order to ‘correct’ these factors.

However, many clients come simply because they want fuller, plumper and larger lips.  

Why Do We Prefer Hyaluronic Acid Fillers?

We mentioned already that most lip fillers today are based on hyaluronic acid. We at TreatMyWrinkles Bournemouth almost exclusively use this kind of filler. 

This acid is a clear, jelly-like material that your body produces continuously. Therefore it is not foreign to your body.

You find the largest concentrations of hyaluronic acid in your skin, connective tissue and eyes.

Why do we like hyaluronic acid for lip fillers?

  • It is very moldable and easy to work with, which gives us better control of the results
  • Hyaluronic acid can be administered gradually during the course of weeks or months to: 1) obtain gradual improvement, and 2) bit-by-bit move towards the desired outcome
  • Formation of lumps are unlikely to occur, and if they were to form, they can easyly be dissolved
  • Normally causes substantially less bruising than other fillers
  • The results can last for several months, but they are not permanent
  • Hyaluronic acid is very unlikely to provoke an allergic reaction because this acid is already found in your skin and tissues 
  • The fillers can easily be dissolved in case you are unhappy with the result

How Is It To Actually Get A Lip Filler?

The first thing we will do when you arrive at our Bournemouth clinic, is to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. We are happy to explain the procedure from start to finish and answer any of your questions.

When you are OK and ready, we will get started. 

To reduce any risk of getting any kind of infection, we start be cleansing your lips with an antibacterial solution.

We don’t want you to feel pain from the injection, so we will apply a numbing cream to where we will make the injections. This will cause you to feel no or minimal discomfort from the injections. 

It takes about 15 minutes before the cream starts working, so we will wait until its active before getting to the injections. 

And then me make the injections. This normally takes less than two minutes.

After we have made the injections, we may apply a little ice to reduce the potential for bruising.

That’s it! 

The entire treatment, from the time you set foot at our clinic until you leave, should take less than 30 minutes.

On your way out, we will recommend aftercare actions to help you make the result be as good as possible. 👍 

Does Getting A Lip Filler Hurt?

First of all, we are all different and some have more sensitive lips than others.

That said, when a lip filler is administered properly (by a licensed and certified professional such as those at our Bournemouth clinic), there should be minimal pain.

We can remove most of the discomfort by using a numbing cream. This cream will de-sensitise your lips so that you normally won’t feel any pain. 

Therefore, most people only feel slight discomfort. In fact, the injections are for most people much less painful than expected.

What Are The Side Effects From A Lip Filler?

Some people experience side-effects. Others do not.

The good news is that these are normally very mild and typically only last a couple of days.

The two most common side effects are light swelling and bruising.

After injecting the filler into your lips, it is not uncommon that there is some degree of swelling and bruising. 

Therefore, should you experience this, it is totally normal.

In fact, we suggest that you don’t judge your lips for the first three days. The reason is that any swelling and bruising will normally disappear by then. 

It is also possible that you may see a slight difference in the symmetry of your lips. To be on the safe side, we ask that you follow up with us 10-14 days after your treatment. This gives us the opportunity to evaluate your lips and decide whether any touch-ups or adjustments are needed.

It is also normal that your lips will be very tender for about a day or so after the injections. 

Side-effects other than these are uncommon. However should you experience any of the effects mentioned below, we advise that you contact us as soon as possible:

  • Significant swelling or bruising that lasts for more than 5 days
  • Asymmetric lips
  • Lumps or bumps in the lips
  • Infection
  • Allergic reaction or severe itching
  • A stiff and hard lip

How Much Does A Lip Filler Cost?

The price of a lip filler depends on the type of filler you want, how much you need, and also where you get the treatment done.

The most common filler, a hyaluronic acid filler, will normally cost from about £200 to £400.

If you instead were to get a collagen stimulating filler (polylactic acid), this is likely to cost more. The price range for this treatment will normally be from £600 to £1,200.

Should you on the other hand you want a fat based filler, this will probably cost between £1,500 and £3,200.

At TreatMyWrinkles Bournemouth, our hyaluronic acid filler costs from £190 to £245 depending on what kind of filler you want. You find more information about our lip filler costs here.

How To Get Ready For A Lip Filler Treatment?

You can more or less go on with your life as normal before you come for a lip filler treatment. However, there are a few ‘things’ that we recommend that you avoid.

We recommend that you do not take blood thinning pain killers (particularly Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen and Aleve), and other blood thinning medication, 2 days before the treatment.

And we advise that you do not drink alcohol 24 hours before the treatment.

Why do we recommend this?

Because blood thinning agents like certain medication and alcohol can increase the amount of bruising from the injections.

In addition, we suggest that you stay away from very salty foods a 2 days before the treatment. The reason is that excess sodium causes the body to retain water, which in turn can increase the amount of swelling.

If you want to learn more about how to prepare for the treatment, you find more info here.

What To Do After A Lip Filler?

After your lip filler treatment, you can go on with your day pretty much as normal.

However, there are a few actions we advise that you try to avoid.

We recommend that you do not apply any lip products for at least 12 hours after the injection. However, if this is important for you, there are specially designed lip ointments that you can apply immediately. Ask us if this should be of interest to you. 😊

You should also avoid alcohol, painkillers and blood thinning medication for the next 2 days, to be on the safe side. We advise that you avoid painkillers because most of them are blood thinning.

Blood thinning agents can lead to excess bruising and swelling.

If you are uncertain about whether a medication is blood thinning or not, just ask us. 👍

We also suggest that you avoid strenuous exercise for 2 days after the treatment. Why? This is to reduce the chance that the filler shifts away from its intended area.

You should also try to avoid any firm pressure on the lips for at least a week.

Additionally, we recommend that you don’t smoke or drink using a straw during the 24 hours after the treatment. The reason is that this causes your lips to curve, which can potentially make the filler move out of position.

If possible, try to be careful with sun exposure and heat (e.g. sauna and hot showers) for 2 days after the treatment. High heat can expand blood vessels and therefore potentially increase bruising.

And lastly, while your lip is still numb from the numbing cream, you may want to wait drinking very hot beverages in order to not burn yourself without noticing. 😄

You find more information about aftercare here.  

For How Long Does A Lip Filler Last?

How long a lip filler lasts will depend on the kind of filler and also the brand that we use. That said, most fillers today are hyaluronic acid fillers, and these tend to last from about six months to a full year.

Should you instead use a collagen stimulating filler (polylactic acid), this will in most cases last from 1-3 years.

And should you get filler based on fat, this will normally also last from 1-3 years.

At TreatMyWrinkles Bournemouth, we use predominantly Restylane hyaluronic acid fillers, and these normally last for about 6 months.

What Are The Most Commonly Used Lip Fillers?

The following are the most commonly administered lip filler brands:

  • Restylane, Restylane-L, Restylane Silk
  • Juvederm Ultra, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Volbella XC
  • Belotero Balance
  • Teoxane
  • HylaForm
  • Elevess
  • Prevelle Silk

Some of these fillers also contain a local anesthetic called lidocaine. This is helpful for those who are pain-sensitive as it makes the lips less sensitive and reduces discomfort after the treatment.

Should You Get A Lip Filler?

The first question we recommend that you ask yourself is: What do you want your lips to look like after the treatment?

You may want to make your lips symmetric. If that is what you want, this can normally easily be accomplished with our hyaluronic acid fillers. 

Many of our clients have symmetric lips already, but they want fuller and more voluminous lips. This is also a routine job for us, and we can easily help you with this. However, you should have an idea about what fullness you desire. With this information, our Bournemouth clinicians will then know what lip filler to utilize and how to move forward.

One thing that might be helpful to us:

If you have a photo of someone who has the lips that you want, this would help us a lot, as we then will have a good idea of how much filler to use.

What we can also do, in the event you are not certain about how full you want your lips to be, is to do the injections step-by-step.

So at the first appointment, we can inject a modest amount of filler, and then you see and feel how this is. If you want fuller lips, you can then come back for a topup. And we can repeat this until you are happy. 

Should be interested in speaking to us about getting a filler, send us a message here.

A few precautions:

You should ideally be in good health, and also not be a smoker, before getting a lip filler injection. In the event you have questions about this, we ask you to please speak to us before the treatment. 

Should you have an oral herpes outbreak or any other active infection on your lips or in your mouth, we advise that you wait until the infection is gone.

Also, in the event you struggle with diabetes, lupus or blood-clotting problems, it may not be recommendable to get a lip filler. Please speak to us about this.

In addition, before your treatment please tell us about any medications you are using.

Lastly, if you are currently breastfeeding or pregnant, we advise that you wait with the treatment. 

What If You Are Not Happy With The Lip Filler?

In the event you should not be happy with the lip filler, what can you do?

You can simply come back and we will dissolve it!


The lip fillers based on hyaluronic acid can be dissolved with something called hyaluronidase. This is an enzyme that dissolves hyaluronic acid rapidly and safely.

This should give you extra security before getting the lip filler. 

So in the event that you may regret the decision or not like how your lips look, we can reverse it for you. 👍

Please note that this is not the case in the event you should get a filler based on collagen, fat, or a permanent implant.

You find more information about lip fillers in Bournemouth on our Google page.