Stop Wrinkles From Forming

In order to treat fine lines and wrinkles efficiently and to make permanent improvements, step one is to stop them from forming, or from getting more severe.

Unless we stop these lines and wrinkles from forming or from getting deeper and more pronounced, they will get more and more pronounced.

What causes wrinkles to form?

One of the key factors that cause wrinkles is simply making facial expression. We will get to that in a moment.

However, another culprit causing wrinkles to form is the sun. We need some sun, sunshine is super healthy. However, excessive sun exposure will normally damage something called collagen in your skin.

And when your skin gets damaged like this, it becomes less flexible and as a result, lines and wrinkles tend to form more easily.

A second set of factors causing wrinkles are unhealthy lifestyle habits. This includes a poor diet, little exercise, inadequate sleep, stress, smoking, drinking, etc.

When we don’t give our skin optimal conditions, for instance via an unhealthy diet or by smoking, our skin simply cannot be in an optimal condition. And hence wrinkles are likely to form more easily.

Therefore, to help our skin achieve its optimal condition, we should take on healthy lifestyle habits such as a proper diet, exercise, stressing down, sleeping well, not overexposing ourselves to sunshine, etc.

Over to the main culprit of wrinkle formation: Repeated making of facial expressions.

When you make certain facial expressions repeatedly, such as raising your eyebrows and folding the skin on your forehead, this will cause fine lines and wrinkles to form.

In fact, every single time you fold the skin on your forehead, this deepens your lines a tiny bit.

It’s just part of life.

Therefore, if you want to stop these lines from forming, or if you want to smooth out and eventually remove these wrinkles, step one is to stop you from making these pronounced facial expressions.

We don’t want you to not make these facial expression at all anymore. The goal is simply to reduce the facial expressions so that you do not form lines, or keep making your lines deeper.

This is normally achieved with a Botulinum (Botox) injection.

This will make the muscles that make these movements contract less than before. This will in turn make your skin fold less than before.

This way, we can stop your fine lines and wrinkles from forming and getting deeper.

After we have stopped the wrinkles from forming or progressing, the next step is to start to reverse the existing wrinkles and restore our smooth skin.

To learn how to accomplish this, please go here.