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What To Expect On The Day Of The Treatment

When you arrive at our clinic, our staff will welcome you, help you relax and make you feel comfortable.

If this is your first time, it is normal to nervous. It’s OK. If you need some extra time, that’s totally fine.

And if you have any questions, please ask. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the day.

Whether you are here for Botox, a wrinkle dermal filler, a lip filler, a cheek filler, a nose filler, or anything else, we will explain every step of the treatment so that you know exactly what will happen.

Even if we walked through this during your free consultation, we are happy to do this again when you are here at the clinic.

Your clinician will then ask you some questions, and ensure you are safe and ready for the treatment.

When you are comfortable and ready, your treatment will start. You will be comfortably placed on our treatment chair or table, depending on the treatment you will receive.

If you are here for a Botox or a filler treatment, the first step will be to thoroughly cleanse the areas of your face where your injections will be administered.

Your clinician will then apply a numbing cream on the area where the injections will be made. The purpose of this is to desensitize the area where the needle enters the skin. This way you will feel no or only slight discomfort.

It normally takes about 15 minutes for this numbing cream to work. You can also choose to not use numbing cream if you don’t want to. And in the event you are super sensitive to pain and want a stronger anesthesia, please let us know. 👍

After the numbing cream has started working, your clinician will make the injections.

You are likely to feel the pressure of the needles, but most likely you will feel no pain or discomfort.

The actual injections will normally only take a minute or two.

After the treatment has been administered, we will keep you for a few minutes just to observe and ensure that the treatment went as expected.

That’s it! 👍

Before you leave, we might give you an ice pack and aftercare instructions (depending on the treatment).

You will be able to return to your regular life immediately, and no one will know that you just had cosmetic treatment.

There are however a few things you should be careful with. You can learn about these here.