Remove Wrinkles And Restore Smooth Skin

Step one of the process was to stop fine lines and wrinkles from forming.

This was achieved by firstly making healthy lifestyle choices such as eating well, sleeping enough, not overexpose yourself to sun exposure, etc.

And secondly, by reducing or stopping the facial expressions that were the main creator of these lines and wrinkles.

This relaxation can normally be achieved with a Botulinum (Botox) injection.

However, although step one has been initiated, the fine lines and wrinkles do not disappear over night.

Because even though the fine lines or wrinkles are no longer being created or deepened by facial expressions, it still takes some time for the skin to adjust.

However, with every passing day, the fine lines and wrinkles will normally be less pronounced.

If the lines or wrinkles are not very severe, Botox alone will often be enough to significantly reduce or remove them.

If so, and if you want to make this change longer lasting, all you need to do is to continue the injections periodically. One Botox treatment normally lasts from 3-6 months.

However, if your fine lines or wrinkles are only partially reduced, and you want further improvement, there is more we can do.

We will then normally turn to dermal fillers.

This is not appropriate for all kinds of wrinkles however, but in many situations, a dermal filler can work super well.

We can use a dermal filler to replace lost or damaged collagen inside the skin.

So let’s say that a wrinkle has gotten so deep that even if you stop making the facial expressions for the rest of your life, the wrinkle would still remain.

What we can do is to inject a dermal filler underneath this wrinkle. This will then push up and stretch the skin above so that the skin regains its original shape. This will in turn cause the wrinkle to fade away.

We have now completed step one and two. If needed or desired, we can also restore plumpness and vitality to your skin with further dermal fillers.

To learn about this step, please go here.