Forehead Lines

Forehead lines are the horizontal lines that appear on the forehead. They are also sometimes called ‘worry lines’.

Why Do Forehead Lines Appear?

Forehead wrinkles are formed mainly from repeatedly raising your eyebrows or from frowning, which causes the skin on the forehead to fold in horizontal groups.

If this is done repeatedly, the skin tends to fold in the same areas every time, and then lines start to appear, even when the forehead muscles are relaxed.

If you continue to raise your eyebrows or frown very frequently, these fine lines tend to eventually turn into wrinkles.

Aging also contributes to the formation of Forehead Lines because as we get older, our skin looses its elasticity and plumpness, mostly due to degeneration of collagen and elastin.

Although the repeated folding of the skin on your forehead is the main reason these wrinkles appear, there are other factors that also contribute to the formation of Forehead Lines.

Excessive sunlight breaks down collagen and elastin in the skin, and therefore makes the skin slowly loose its shape and elasticity. This causes fine lines and wrinkles to form more easily.

An unhealthy lifestyle is also a major contributor to the formation of these wrinkles. 

Hence, if your diet is poor, if you don’t exercise much, if you stress frequently, if you sleep poorly, etc. you are also more likely to see these wrinkles.

And in addition, if you smoke or drink excessive amounts of alcohol, your wrinkle development will also normally be more advanced.

 The best prevention of this wrinkle formation is a healthy lifestyle and moderate amounts of sun exposure. However, there are also treatments that directly addresses these kinds of wrinkles.

What Is Normally The Best Treatment For Forehead Lines?

The preferred treatment for Forehead Lines is often Botox (or other Botolinum) injections.

This is because the main cause of the wrinkles is the repeated raising of the eyebrows or frowning. A Botox injection will limit (or stop) further raising of the eyebrows or frowning, which will stop further deepening of the Forehead Lines.

When the skin is no longer folding along the already formed lines, the lines will stop deepening. After some time of inactivity, these lines also become significantly less pronounced.

In certain cases where a person has particularly deep Forehead Lines, the treatment can be made even more effective by combining the Botox injections with a dermal filler.

When the wrinkles are deep, a dermal filler can give volume and plumpness back to these crevasses and stretch them out, and in some cases make them disappear entirely.