Bunny Lines

Bunny Lines are straight, slightly downward pointing lines on both sides of the nose. They normally start roughly from the inner corners of the eyes and extend slightly downwards.

Bunny lines normally appears as two or more lines, and rarely appear as just one line.

Why Do Bunny Lines Appear?

Bunny Lines are normally caused by repeated facial movements of the upper nose area.

When you wrinkle your upper nose repeatedly, or crinkle up your nose when you laugh or smile, folds will normally appear on the nose as the facial expression is made.

When these expressions are made repeatedly, the folds are made in the same areas and as a result, the lines will start to show even your face is relaxed.

As we get older, the number of times we have made these facial expressions will add up, and as a natural result, these Bunny Lines will often form.

In addition, as we get older, we loose collagen and elastin in our skin, and as a result, the skin looses its elasticity and plumpness.

Sunlight can also contribute to Bunny Lines. Because when sunlight hits the skin, it slowly breaks down collagen and elastin in the skin. When collages and elastin are lost, the skin slowly loose its strength and form.

In addition, if you have an unhealthy diet, if you don’t exercise, if you stress, if you sleep poorly, etc., this is likely to progress wrinkle formation.

Smoking can similarly be a contributor to Bunny Lines, as the toxic chemicals in the cigarette can damage the skin cells and can also interfere with skin regeneration. The same also goes for alcohol, substance abuse as well as air pollution.

What Is Normally The Best Treatment For Bunny Lines?

Often the best way to deal with Bunny Lines is to inject very small amounts of Botox (or other botulinum injection) into the muscles which cause the lines to appear.

This will stop the lines from forming and therefore it will stop any further progression of the lines. Over time, as the skin does no longer folds in this area, the lines themselves will also fade.