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Why Do We Get Wrinkles?

The number one reason why we get wrinkles, is that we make facial expressions. As we make a certain smile or frown again and again, fine lines start to appear. Then as we continue to make these expressions, the lines get deeper.

In addition, sun exposure, pollution, diet, sleep, stress and other lifestyle factors also impact the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Even though formation of fine lines and wrinkles are a natural process of getting older, you do not have to simply watch them getting more severe. In fact, there are several actions you can take to restore your youthful and plump skin.

Here are three key steps you can take to accomplish this:

Stop Wrinkle Progression

The first step is to stop the formation and progression of wrinkles through 1) healthy lifestyle changes, and 2) a Botox treatment. 

Reverse Wrinkles And Smoothen Skin

After we have stopped your fine lines and wrinkles from progressing, we can also reverse them and make your skin smoother.

Restore Plumpness And Vitality

Over time, skin looses plumpness and volume. But there are ways in which we can restore this vitality and bring life back to your skin.